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from the extravasation of blood. In the chronic form of the
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being verv little if any depignnentation in aff ected animals. A
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nounced and striking in sections of the epithelial tumors of
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subsequent treatment was that as ordinarily employed for in toto
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which B. necrophorus is not found recovery is much earlier
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sold in vials of 20 cubic centimetres which represent the normal
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coccus equi both as a preventive vaccination and as curative.
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the Endemic and the contagious diseases of this quarter of the
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Amia and Ammrus one of the objects was to confirm the hom
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Vaccination would themselves produce pigs of sufficient immuni
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of Philadelphia in 1903 and published in the Journal of the
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the world. Sir James M Grigor remarks that during the march of
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complained of a short cough may attend or that particular sensa
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The Commissary General is in a quandary where to place his
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their right. The huts also in which the troops were sheltered
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source of the fever has been left behind some hundreds of miles and
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The price of farm products has increased steadily during
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ago but a diagnosis had remained doubtful. Since that time the
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opened. It was necessary to examine post mortem the last two
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in question owing to deficiencies in the reports during the illness of
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These wounds always become infected to a greater or lesser
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the subject. He advised me to procure some literature upon
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a branch of veterinary medicine that is advancing with rapid
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involved because of the modification of this region. The tract
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tam Roads. Many causes combine to produce so much higher a range