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allayed they complained of pain in the epigastric region and head

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oculation of tissue from the supramammary lymph gland.

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the doctrine of exponents radicals and equations involving radicals

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were highly congested being nearly black in color. Each kidney

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the wounds after operation was performed was found to be

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unsuccessful cases in the most malignant fever he had ever seen

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all that have accumulated on the animal between dippings are

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quent ones may be compared to a short return to our native skies.

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temperature 42 43 C. for several days. This deprives the

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each veterinary journal in the United States for publication

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dyne and astringent injections. But our author does not reject the

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In order to clear the way for this investigation it is ecessary to

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Amphistomiasis has been found in some cattle raised near

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in the same apparatus but different systems of organs in the

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all the countries we have hitherto described more seldom occur

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of virulence requiring but from 18 to 24 hours to kill rabbits.

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nature. The lungs and heart may be sprinkled with bright red

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in connection with Dr. Watson s statement in said letter to the

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ly considered as not merely culpable in destroying his own health

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ditions resulting from traumatism. Others have confined it to

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treatment by our method when little pigs the year before. Dur

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who has theorised widely on a foundation which the foregoing facts