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five hundred for a period of two months when the child

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of the entertainment given on the Village Lake wherein is portrayed

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nausea cold perspiration cold extremities pulse rapid

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the educational system because it ignores the life history of

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No change for the better was seen and the patient was very weak.

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B. pyocyaneus. Kraus and Clairmont were the first to

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Nitrous oxide is contraindicated in long operations

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perhaps only two or three such cases in a year. He felt

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intraperitoneal inoculation produced death in twelve hours.

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sensory disturbance on the opposite side. I hasten however to

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not yet sufficient invasion of the larynx to interfere

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therapeutic resources of the medical profession. Dr. Allen s

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element but simply a product of the white blood cell or a

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for the restoration of these institutions which had fallen into

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ular regions of the brain with mental acquirements of a high

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wound was completely closed within a month. The author

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trations although but two colored plates are given. The print

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be read with much interest as it is awakening a great

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the Spinal Cord and Myasthenia and Ophthalmoplegia are w ell

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be a change in this respect. The act of parturition was

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into almost its normal size when placed into its normal

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It is seen from this table that nerve tissue possesses an