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number of cases that dilatation of the ureter occurs almost
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ficial in the treatment of the various cutaneous inflammations and
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The cause of pyorrhea being a local irritant whether that
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In the past this plant bore a great reputation for curing
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ones involved. Serious orbital complications might ensue
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is this the case when combined with salol. Salol is a most valuable
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cornea was additionally treated with cocaine. A special
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The ear had not returned to its apparently normal appearance
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graduate of the Missouri Medical College St. Louis
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kind I meant by their pain relieving properties. It
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attentive in attitude serene and industrious in the hospital
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mouth. He then went up stairs without assistance and lay
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tantly related bacilli acted on the non motile bacillus in dilu
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endeavored to stop the flow but did not succeed owing to the
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is stated that the proteolytic ferments both those of animal
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consistency later of thicker and more glutinous character and
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thousand diameters. In a few instances a Bausch and Lomb
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should be filtered and a small quantity of methyl alcohol added to it.
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ache the severe cough and the expectoration of the foul
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ficial colonies are light yellowish brown in color granular with spread
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There occasionally occur cases of cutaneous eruptions which
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quence present signs suggestive on inspection and palpation
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not enough of it. The author is certainly not an adept in
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abdomen was almost entirely filled by a dilated right proximal
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withstanding the statements of some text books that it is im
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scale. The average color index is 1.27 the volume index
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galvanic and faradic batteries which paper was sub
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ing is treated in a most interesting manner. The writer
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The tubes showed no important changes except that in one
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gestion and this is most surely and successfully relieved
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that of the membrane were decidedly less distinct although
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this view but increasing experience forces me to the conclusion
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of maceration of renal tissue in bicarbonate of soda for sev
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The antipyretic effect of the latter is not weakened
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power causing frequently coagulation of the plasma in four
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the neutral point is determined with precision and when
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organisms inoculated were apparently present at the end of
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manner similar to the action of the mineral acids and
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is useful in the initial stages of psoriasis in limit
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body. During our period of service there were forty autop
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of by the patient. Slight fever however of which the patient
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verse increase the amount of uric acid in the system and this
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vergence it has a disturbing influence on nystagmus.
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patient whose blood we wish to examine is thoroughly
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lighter central portion and containing no nucleus. Authori
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but there is no one surely who cannot train his ear provided
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is a valuable remedy in relieving the congestion of
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periosteum was raised from the frontal bone turned on its
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