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revealed a curious state of affairs. The pig had swallowed a
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herds free from exposure to the virus of the disease through dirt
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The official status of the veterinarian remains therefore as
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ments that are met with on the African coast. There are however
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In addition to the above treatment the animal received the
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ble medicine hitherto derived from the vegetable kingdom. Mr.
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trepidation with which 1 first wetted a lancet in a disease where it
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spected by the public more than he or it respects itself and if
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condition exists except that the superficial union of the ectolat
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stables was made. The windows and doors of the barns were
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no signs of diarrhoea. On October 8 1895 the disease had pro
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of expert examination and at the risk of reaching the offal tank.
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but thus far our results have been very encouraging.
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bationary veterinarians and one year veterinary volunteers are the superior
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not you may use a sling or hippo lasso which does very well.
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severity. These symptoms are nevertheless very irregular both
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We test our herd twice a year in the fall just before going
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Department and Congress that they do not intend to push them
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of it passes undecomposed in its oily form through the intestines
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considerable time. Does the arsenic tend to increase in quantity
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ment membrane outside of which is a submucosa and this in
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endemic fevers ever become contagious 1 Et primo temporis ac loci
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Curtis continues A warm purgative glyster was given him but
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is irremediable by any known means in medicine for I have re
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bryology classification and economics of animals have been almost