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eight. The publishers have certainly been very liberal in this

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years during which time a truss had been constantly worn.

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practically odorless and it possesses the following advantages

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apeutics Professor Alfred W. Gardiner. Genito Urinar3

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strate to them in a logical and dispassionate way the fallacy of

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tion. Even when attempted at all it is an operation perform

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the sugar is stored and only reconverted into blood

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the blood and the eosinophile cells are repelled so that

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construction to be operated by the surgeon without requir

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pure cosmetics and the profession in general has no time to

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be detected. There was considerable pain which was con

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Fortunately however there are signs very early evident to the

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or paraphernalia of any kind. But the Cliff Dwellers exhibit

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pleuritis as the immediate cause of death no trace of pan

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for nine minutes. The heart was restored to rhythmical action

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The experiments were all conducted in exactly the same

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prolongation of solid buds of the endochorion. The buds de

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pronounced but no greater in the hands of a competent

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On account of danger of rupture of the abscess into the

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coses in vaccine virus and the scanty negative evidence con

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practical instruction in physical diagnosis and bandaging

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the eyelids the tongue was protruded in the median line. A character

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remained in place without serious disturbances for nine

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media of identical composition were made for comparison

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nch to the exclusion of all others but many at the same

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be well to look into the manner of living of one s patients

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one week of two members of the profession both Fellows of the same

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by way of this organ averted or absorption of poisonous sub

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ever the speaker and his colleague at the New York Hospital

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little book which will be furnished free to all physicians making

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ciency of the aortic valves with resulting regurgi

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termining its relation to the first sound since the

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ment was accomplished. Its anatomical and surgical rela

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motliers generally could be induced to nurse their children

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throat has been applied to the disease. There is stupor

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with particular symptom complexes as for instance with dif

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by ligamentous or fibrocartilaginous tissue. Here also belongs

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deprived of meat in their diet yet experience has often

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The analytical is the article printed in a periodical

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tive and temporary. After from six to twelve months the

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weak for two or three days. Upon recovery she went about

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the bowel raised the question. Could the salicylate

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an affinity solely for the methylene azure. As the nuclear

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tissues of the patient. The drug is in the human organism

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commenced artificial respiration. In this case life

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matory and of tumor origin. They are scarce in normal tissues

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shall be either destroyed or if that be impossible

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died from intestinal perforation of a damaged bowel following

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do and making the circuit of the square the occupants of the

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prosperity and feelings of satisfaction with the in

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be admitted that the clinical picture presented by such cases

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Is the number of red cells in chlorosis an indication of cell

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seldom able to obtain more than one or two specimens upon