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omentum of a guinea pig has confirmed this observation. The

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could be elicited. In fact the entire case had to be judged

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shortest interval under ordinary circumstances is placed

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have been recognized by another observer and conditions

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could walk without any artificial aid whatever with

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ed. It would seem to belong to a rather old type and

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side. The extremities were flaccid with some tendency to

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teau and later Tappeiner and Hewelke worked out the toxi

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infrequent happening. 8 The presence of a few tubercle

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hemorrhage abortion inflammation of uterus or adnexa.

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The last is not the rule. I have found that the glu

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rily a body of complex constitution. The well known laking

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neuralgias and neurose.s due to irregularities of menstruation. They

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taken. Most of the abnormalities became worse with the

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so that a light truss sufficed to support the protm

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hence the direction of the winds makes no diflference in the de

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yet a common consensus of opinion as regards its etiology

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process of resolution notes the presence of fat in the ex

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than these localized fine rales and to one who has seen many

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ear disease which partly or entirely should be bene

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oculating tubes from which the following five preparations were made.

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in the normal bone that any modification of its appearance as

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leukocytes rose from 14 000 to 22 000 declining after operation.

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each time. A certain dilution of the dog s serum must

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do not see the necessity of issuing weekly editions

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growth the form assumed by the tubercle bacillus is longer

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fibers are not much atrophied and black dots within the

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ment of some agent which fixes the blood elements the ex

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half had either lost its coagulating power entirely as was the

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Our work upon experimental diabetes mellitus was sug

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quinine will almost entirely remove the bitter taste

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the symptoms are restricted to those mentioned but in

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provement in the menstrual flow until it was free from pain and

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a policy as outlined by Dr. Chapin could be used with suc

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m used. Dunbar has demonstrated this by eye inocculations

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suffering which they will prevent in their eye pati

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of fixing with formalin. Osmosis could only produce irreg

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to prevent a too ready collapse of its walls e.g. a

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ination of the cases of pernicious anemia with the excep

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Microscopical examination of paraffin sections of some of

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lesions of the disease the same bodies described by Cun

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advisedly adopted. Electro therapy is in that stage of its devel

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as already mentioned branches passed up and to the left

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intestinal putrefaction hence the above report. The

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persons carrying umbrellas or canes shall not carry

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will not that of another. For every individual blood a

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simply an eflTort of nature to relieve the engorge

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the auricle and J lt 2 cm. posteriorly down to the tip

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meters being washed in two changes of 0.85 per cent

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but small does not owe its Hb impoverishment to osmosis

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and during the colostrum period it should be allowed to

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Fortunately this tendon is easily accessible to the knife. It