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the administration is stopped. In the case reported by Dr.
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the deviation of the nasal septum were caused by nasal
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deformities of the foot. It would appear therefore that
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The patient a single woman aged 53 years had complained
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of children have also prescribed it in cases of frequent micturition
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chancre. Physical examination reveals a large mass occupy
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Jolly in vaccine virus and possibly were identical with the
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cornea was additionally treated with cocaine. A special
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vertebra Dr. Van Lennep. History of the illness On Wed
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The clinical manifestations of syphilis of the lung are ac
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to establish the relation of those pathological conditions to
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movements upon lateral movements of the eyes. Pupils are
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seem a promising remedy for anasarca. o lt ordiug to uermaiu oec i
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tally this conclusion was borne in upon him because no
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way Stengel and Berg would seem to indicate that the con
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shrunken are found among the round nucleated forms. The
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becomes irregular warty and mauve colored. The potato becomes black.
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Owing to the peculiar situatioo and the severity of
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natural to note the production of the more than ordinarily
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tissue. Therefore a history of prolonged bronchial inflamma
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is large and easily read and the paper is of the very best
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Hujus Urbis Acre Munihcent a Plurium Bonarura Artium Remun
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Later the growth is of a dull gray color raised dry wrinkled and
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the nucleus often consists of two apparently unconnected
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tenth of one per cent of phenol to the dextrose solution in
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The reason such widely different statements in regard to