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tained enough and was extensive enough to be of any value.

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edge of poisonous plants for the purposes of the veterinary art.

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in various stages of development from the egg to the adult.

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What is the bill What is its purpose And what are the

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of death among animals fed upon the slops including dishwater

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literature of his own subject the anatomist must keep informed

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in many cases meaningless. The wise histologist is then a

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student than for the teacher to do the work himself. The

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The transition from myel to oblongata in Amia is gradual

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into the stomach viz. along with the saliva or food. Further when

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cific or hereditary immunity ensues little is known but it seems

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destroy and pay for the diseased there can be no possible

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stratigraphic geology should be included together with the collection of

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then be protuberant with the innumerable graves of the dead I The

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are vertigo nausea tenesmus diarrhcea and impaired locomo

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lations of the system. Either of these effects may individually ope

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what they regarded as negligence on the part of the painters in

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taneously while the symptoms and lesions were the same in the

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gation work has been done along this line. Dr. Van Es of