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These were thought by Dr. Toucher to be largely due to hog
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The fifth chapter refers to the origin of the Spanish epidemics.
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found filled sometimes with a transparent a green or d rk flaky fluid.
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muscles of the lower extremities. The stomach is also affected with
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mark of inflammation. In others the vessels of their inner coats
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A few hours before being presented at the clinic she had been
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fession they erected signs in the form of poles wrapped around
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would recover and many would remain useful for years. This
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united but an imeventful recovery followed. The patient was
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tic. In the greater number the comatose symptoms did not appear
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of irrigation and the animal would run and play in the pad
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degree of fatty degeneration showing the pathological picture
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First. The capsules for the small intestine remain in the stom
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will again come under consideration in the Section on Endemic of
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healing by primary adhesion and if the wound is left open it is