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rect. The man was able to continue at his usual occupation
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by Austin Dobson is destined to hold its own for many years
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the length of life is not materially shortened thereby.
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might be other factors concerned in its transmission.
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valuable statistical paper on The Prophylaxis of Tetanus
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thorough manner. Chapter IV. is occupied with a description
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I attributed this to gonorrhoeal infection. She took only local treat
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the patient could not sleep and there were no signs
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phine. It neither stupefies nor depresses the patient but yields all the
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cells with a marked tendency to extension within the capsule
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blood was mixed with a five per cent solution of crystallized
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At the twenty ninth annual meeting of the Mississippi Valley
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Methods. The samples of virus studied in the second
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sputum contained elastic fibers. Hemorrhage is rare and
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