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pus cannot remain in the wound and pus cavity. Low power of
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was violent became excessively yellow without any alleviation of
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a position in Brazil as Chief Veterinarian for the Brazil Land
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necessary as each school graduates a different character of man.
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places on the plate. These clear places are marked with a wax
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one day suddenly stopped crowded to the right side against the
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wholesome food and ventilation. Attention should also be called
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Please note that all of these nine were from the one old sow
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with Esox the caudal limit of the fasciculus communis systems
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happiest effect with at least superior success to any other.
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Suppuration of these cavities whatever may have been its
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Williams in his text on Veterinary Obstetrics divides abor
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may appear with respect to type the local symptoms always require
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purging and the exhibition of mercury were the prominent items in
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A vote of thanks was tendered the contributors to the pro
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In connection with the foregoing statistics it will be observed
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pounds it must have contained approximately 6 grains of arsenic.
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they are always ready to express their opinion and to make pre
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Bacillus pyogenes and bacillus liquefaciens in 2 cases.
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the minimum fatal dose when injected directly into the brain
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S. Strong on the cranial nerves of Amphibia. Especially was
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cautiously and gradually exposed to their operation. In such a cli
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chief might ensue. To avoid the fatigue to the patient which the
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ness with perfect safety but owing to the danger involved in their
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associated roots which contain both sensory fibers from the fas
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ance of this disease can be understood from the fact that in ten
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tially a carnivorous animal living on the secretions of the dam
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increased swelling or extensive granulations obstruct the drain
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open and in two of these wounds that healed by secondary in
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form of tuberculosis there is a fair presumption that it is free
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The lungs showed thickened pleura and some exudate on
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of its preventing the putrefactive or fermentative process from taking
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me the variations of temperature in that climate are extraordinari