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monary symptoms cough and purulent sputum. Upon ad
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with diphtheria. Different patients developed after immu
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QStance which renders any one immune and the fact that
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Certain deposits were inade in the fetus in the center of
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E. McGirk who found a marked depression at the site of the
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brushed away Klebs Loeffler bacilli are never found
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enzyme of the liver is given by the experiments of Martin
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but that their secondarily infective character does
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The public was ordered to destroy rats and mice and use
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le average case in the first stage of the disease presents
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with dark centres and widely spreading peripheral branching filaments.
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formation of uric acid calculi. Many years ago it became a
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The osteomata consist of bone are a typical osseous growths
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eliminated by heating the serum to 56 C. for one hour and
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observed this sound in six patients out of 492 cases or one and
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Several times has it been my lot to see dislocation
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tissues of the mouth the wasting of the alveolus and the
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and proliferated epithelial cells bloodcorpuscles and leukocytes.
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The experience undergone by the writer during the last year
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that beset an inquiry relying too much upon figures
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erience I believe I made this mistake once myself and
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The results in this case show that no bacteriolytic diminution
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der morbid conditions there may appear in the body as a result
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ably dependent on blood vessel changes. As there was a
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it elevation of one hip. Careful measurement will prob
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In referring to journals in several series an entry
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they should be carefully read and studied by those who have
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flammatory diseases of kidney and bladder. I prescribe it daily in my
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In a further experiment three rabbits which had been
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About Wigs Quacks the Doctor as a bon vivant Fees Bleed
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them and have even heard an occasional absolute denial of
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toxin and the failure of the organism to produce an antitoxin
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undescended testicles have married and succeeded in im
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The physiologists led the way in efforts to re establish the
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tity of water of a definite temperature and a small
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glucose oxidations and cleavages and then describes the
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and soon covers nearly the whole surface of the media. The margins are
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lighting janitor service etc. The central meeting place must
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a half inches in diameter. There was marked induration
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