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Burns is the president of the association and plans

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specimens in relation to our source of Roentgen illumination.

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stances which have no relation to extrinsic influences.

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about one thousand years ago a large colony of Norsemen went

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vised an operation. Mrs. A said she would submit if I could

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latter cases did not respond as well to treatment as the

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dogs contained glucose in sufficient amounts to warrant the

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The entire section is a highly truthful one and scientific as

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promising supporter of what he considered to be civil and religious

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joint. But if one will obtain general action if one

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Fads in the Treatment of Gonorrhea the author reviews in no

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increasing. If this is done by the family doctor we shall have

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cent salt solution which Weidenreich considered isotonic

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Fantler Kilfoy on the Evolutfon of Microbes Monkeys and

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cows milk with advantage. In this way the mother could

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the history of six cases illustrating the different

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deviation in the general metabolism could be detected and

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As an introductory statement we may say that in all our

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The preparation of the hands for surgical work is a subject