DIY Autorepair – Some Tips To Follow!

Whenever your car breaks down, it only makes you the most joyful person on earth, right? Of course not, and you want to understand more about how to proceed in this situation. You want to know how to proceed before this situation occurs again. Read on to learn some excellent tips on auto repair. Dead […]

Autocom CDP Pro

When you find yourself planning to operate the autocom cdp pro for cars, just read the system requirements first. Now follow me: Recommended Intel® Pentium® 4 1.7 GHz or better (or similar) Windows 7, Windows Vista®, Windows® XP(*) SP3 1024-2048 MB RAM (according to main system) 500 MB free hard disk space Screen with resolution […]

Retro-ize and revitalize

I am in the slow process of updating the site right now. I had to upgrade to the latest version of Word Press, and I am trying to give the site more of a pixel art look to reflect the predominant style of my games. Basically, I am trying to revamp the old junker site. […]

It’s alive!

MUHAHAHHHAHAHHA! Hehe, he, hehehehe. The site is slowly rising! My host can’t delete my site for long! Dear lordy lord. Apparently moving my site to a new server didn’t quite work out for my host like it flipping should have. They forget to bring my files with em when they slapped me on a new server. […]