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taken to avoid speculative facts or hypothesis. The diagnosis has
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to make it his business to follow up this legislation and see that
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at all are frequently so meager in the description of import
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I had occasion to cut some sections from some material
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tract when exposed to a strong light. All of these evidenced a great
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work. A comparison of those killed in the morning with
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mined if possible and located one does not often take a bee line
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teriological analysis of milk and water and those which are necessary
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causes it states plainly the different causes that are likely to bring
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He must have died suddenly and without a groan as three nurses
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tidious multiplication of distinctions without any real difference.
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next morning he is dead. The post mortem showed a tumor of
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this fever with a few remarks on its cause leaving the reader to
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the throat and oesophagus heat and acrid sensation in the stomach
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vious to require any comment. The degree of security however that
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three months previously. There was no indication that labor
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As a part of the examination careful notes and drawings must be
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entered practice in Reno. To his efficient work as secretary of the
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der quite a different aspect. A new train of symptoms assail with
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prevail In the vicinity of Lagoons where water was always present dysentery
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I. Where fifty per cent or more of the animals are infected.
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of the circulation and excitability as where venesection and purgatives
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This fever is usually ushered in by the sensations which precedes
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ful post mortem examination. In ten of the remaining animals
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Islands of which this was true until after the introduction of
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tures of omasum and abomasum. Kidneys enlarged dark soft and on
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that more than a month elapsed after the arrival of the Fortune at
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exceeded that proportion. In two cases the spasmodic contractions
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and dealt with by officers of the Department at High River
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true nature of the lesions. The animal had some difficulty in
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by previously emulging the liver and its ducts and carrying off all
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it is largely shorn of its danger. Among the conditions that
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