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Poll Evil and Fistula of the poll and withers continues
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pared by very unqualified persons as lime water paregoric
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The Mahana the Mutwalla and various other mountain rivers
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that when their herds are finally freed from the disease they are
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mates through which they must pass or by the seasoning attacks
abbreviation for states
rapid and exacting work in the large slaughter houses and
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another the parasite must for a time live outside the body its
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mal had entirely recovered from the effects of the operation. On
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European countries. With proper state regulations in the infected
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will and be our dietetic restrictions what they may. I need scarce
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but push our inquiries in new directions when there is a good
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spite of the fact that several of the state experiment stations
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found scybalae in the stools of dysenteric patients. This is another
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ment seemed to have no beneficial results while in others most
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dingly founded upon this view of its nature and cause and as hia
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that he would not neglect any practicable method of ascertaining the
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sists in an opening from the very lowest point downward and
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acquired no increased power of resistance by this long period of
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Nothing so much aggravates all the symptoms as the presence of
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The form of dysentery I will describe is the one which at
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a variety of devices to conceal the symptoms of broken wind so
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Australian Cattle and in Camels by Dr. J. Burton Cleland
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so much political pressure was brought upon the magistrate that
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Trcdtinnit. Naturally one looks for a remedy when the dis
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ical examination are accepted as aides veterinaires and ordered for a
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sections which have been fastened to the slide with collodion
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One of the erroneous notions is that the toad is deadly poison.
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plete dictionary of terms used in Medicine Surgery Dentistry Pharmacy
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prophylaxis. There are a few forms of poisonings of which w e
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die of the disease. The appended description of the cases and
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had long operated. The stranger then must go with the general
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great importance in regard to the production of yellow fever and
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of strange animals and their products. In recent years the rigid
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powerful and baleful influence on the functions of the human frame.
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the hot months by almost all the European inhabitants which I con