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knowledge pertaining tO the distribution in nature or the

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to what the State will pay him does not exceed ninety per cent.

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the previous test. After this test the stables and yards were

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vourite beverage and never did 1 feel in my own person or perceive

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Cornell 1906. Before entering Cornell he had been a student at

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temperature raised up to 41 or higher there is great fever and

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I believe that swellings following the hypodermic injections

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from the baleful influence of those exhalations we have beea des

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fects of morbid contagion noticed by our author is that occurring at

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cause of this was an engorgement with material which consisted

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The roseola was principally developed on the abdomen but did

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The General Patient s Ward 100 feet by 31 is furnished with

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Under the Butchers Indemnity Act the board is authorized to

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us. The discussion as usual showed there were many men

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successful generally as it has been in certain localities and in

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or eradication of tuberculosis. With the use of tuberculin there

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others had no premonitory sensations whatever. They were all

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them as first class. Just a few years ago we could purchase

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terally and eminently entitled to be so denominated because it indis

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had been bred and furthermore had I examined her before I

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ments we could fill many places where even in this state there

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production to the action of those vapours or exhalations which re

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two cows gave a rather definite reaction. Inasmuch as they were

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of the amniotic fluid had escaped through the os a great deal