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The exciting cause is an exposure to solar radiation while unaccus

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Yellow Suffusion I may remark that his explanation of the nature and

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Sierra Leone. As we approach this river the country assumes

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demonstration and where these are lacking diagrams and illustrations

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The night was here as in sultry climates the period of danger.

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bovine animals it was incapable of producing lesions of tubercu

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of much assistance in making a diagnosis. If the animal died

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splendid strides. Of that I do not propose to speak except to

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remnants of their herds and nothing more was known of the malady

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ment of Agriculture that in 1896 12 per cent which amounts to

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We apprehend that sufficient has been said to show that the ques

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bility sickness at stomach and bitter taste in the mouth. This interval

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contained liquid only the mucous membrane of the anterior

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The local treatment should be warm moist antiseptic cata

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of pathology in veterinary colleges is preparatory and explana

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disappear with the advent of warm weather to reappear upon the

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reappears in the future are likewise in most cases micro

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ion is made over each depressor coccygeus muscle midway between the

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arrested in acid media. In bouillon it develops in ragged some

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herd leads to little infection if the milk of the whole herd is

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omits those on the extremity except that in the place of the

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lations of the ground. The original course of livers is now known

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have been revealed in the many causes of disease the specific re

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authorities from him because he is not an officer. He is rated

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dominal viscera and producing congestion or inflammation of the he

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dropsical diathesis. It thus appears that the treatment of fever of