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tion of specific bodies during the process of immunization or
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cal men fill out. All the questions are restricted to
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in pituitary and thyroid diseases. The theory that hyper
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one of two ways only either as a result of osmotic disturb
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other branched forms found in rapidly growing cultures in
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a condition of the mental faculties that the patient
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their relation to the basement membranes of various glands
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alcohol supersaturated in the way suggested by Fischer
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epidemic. They are all essentially chronic diseases and
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then starts to cry and can get up and run about. After
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between the lines will certainly know that these small
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medical officer of the local Board of Health a sta
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Honorary Secretary lt 5 Treasurer J Square South Dublin
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spreading with slight chalkiness in places. By the fifth day the whole
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stools of every case in the ward were being examined in
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been applied and at all times during the operation be in a
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The title page is very handsome in four colors. This piece
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betes mellitus points conclusively to the fact that no relation
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death of the cultures is effected artificially by chemically
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of this study in a most systematic fashion. After a historical
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practitioner more confidence in himself to perform those minor
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untried paths left behind them in regular visitation
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and but seldom lead to considerable narrowing of the lumen.
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Viewed from the under surface the colonies have a yellowish brown color.
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tem embraced in the above headlines is it not true that our first
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form and oxygen were given him but not until he was upon
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because of lack of osteogenetic power and a Lane s plate
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cretions were retained under pressure. A marked symptom
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firmative is not suflBcient upon which to rest diagnosis of
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in the treatment of consumption. Whilst many members of
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the accompanying table illustrates the fallacies of measure
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On the continent there were established in the sixth century
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of the cells containing granules showed a very finely granular
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permitted to sell fish to the other settlements upon the island
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ple deeper bums may occur in spite of the most careful treat
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external soreness and little or no suffering to the
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fresh serum of diabetic dog No. XIX. was substituted for the normal fresh
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as Ireland is southern Italy the old Magna Gra ecia. The
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quantity of freshly drawn human blood and kept inthe incu
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cliaracteristic physical signs large numbers of bacilli in the
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the broth rapidly loses its alkalinity on standing.
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Rindfleisch in 1880 first advanced the theory of the extru
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You hear a great deal about internal and external hemor
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utility to the practicing physician. As he says and very
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tion. Then the triple alliance remedy so well and favorably known
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oentgen ray are stubborn to the generally accepted modes
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prove itself of great value to medical students. The publishers
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cases on the whole the latter gave better and quicker results
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oglobin was reduced to 55 per cent. There were no nucleated
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Liepmann has recently reported the only practically uncom
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method is the fairest possible for expressing comparative
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cases tinea sycosis 1 case ichthyosis 1 case vitiligo 1
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the head of the femur was exposed and the capsule opened
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